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When ordering a custom cake through a private baker and small business owner, it's important to understand you are paying for the cake & the service received. This is important to know when ordering a custom cake.

Cakes are priced by the following 4 factors :

1 - The serving amount, which includes and covers ingredients, labor, and overhead.

2. - Design complexity, such as added décor elements or 3D elements added to your cake. 

3 - Materials - Each cake comes with a fondant covered decorative board. 

4 - Delivery and setup of your cake within ADA county.

Once the cake design is finalized, the four factors will be added into your inspiration and you will have your final cake price.

Base price breakdown :

1. - Servings ~ All servings start at $4.50 per serving.

If your cake is a carved cake, Erin with always modify your servings to correctly balance the overall cost. 

2. - Design elements : Hand painting & airbrush color used. Start at $25 per cake.

Added 3D edible décor elements - start at $3 dollars. 

Sugar paste flowers - start at $2 

3. - Materials -  Your fondant decorated base cake boards, spacer boards & food grade dowel sticks all used to stabilize your cake - Start at $15 

4. - Delivery and setup within ADA county starts at $25

Therefore, all orders have a minimum base price of $150

Cakes are iced with a buttercream or chocolate ganache coating before finished with a fondant or molding chocolate finish. You will have your choice of flavors, as well as fillings. This is all already included in the serving price. 

Additional side items below can be added to your cake order.

*Must be in addition to your cake order.

Add on items include:


Start at $3 a cupcake with a minimum purchase of 2 dozen to your cake order.

*Prices increase with design and detail, fillings and buttercream choices.

Cake Pops & cake balls

Cake Balls 85 cents a piece when ordered alongside your cake. 

Cake Pops

Start at $3 a piece alongside a regular cake order. With a minimum of 2 dozen.

Gourmet cookies

Start at $2.50 with a minimum purchase of 2 dozen along side your cake order.

French macarons 

Start at $2 with a minimum purchase of 4 dozen.

Swiss meringue bites 

Start at $1 and go up from there depending on size. Minimum order of 4 dozen. 

Shredded coconut macaroons

Start at $2 with a minimum purchase of 4 dozen.

*Can be dipped in white or dark chocolate.

*Prices vary on complexity and design.

*Deposits are required. 

There is a 50% non-refundable deposit required to reserve your date.

The remaining balance is always due 2 weeks to your event date. Or you can chose to pay a one time payment up front. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover With a 3% processing Fee.