Erin Victoria Smith  

208 631-4862

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Owner & Cake Artist

Erin Smith is a truly talented, warm spirited mother, wife and small business owner right here in beautiful Boise Idaho.  Erin was born with a natural artistic talent that developed over the years, leading to a professional career in pastry and pastry art. She was originally inspired by her children's imaginations and creative wishes for real life character cakes. So she decided to turn their wishes into sugar inspired reality. She her self continues to be sugar inspired by the endless, and ongoing possibilities in creating edible art through cake & sugar art.  Erin has an exceptional eye for detailed sugar & chocolate work. This combined with her natural artistic nature has created some of the most unique 3D sculpted cakes around. 

Erin's talents eventually caught the attention of other culinary professionals and artists over the years, even landing her on the global map for her artistic cake art. She has had the honor of receiving awards and write ups on her work over the years. Her unique style caught the eye of her local community. And landed her opportunities that eventually lead her to becoming head Pastry chef for Bardenay of Boise and Eagle Idaho. And then onto becoming Executive Pastry Chef for the Boise City Center.  Erin’s love and passion for pastry and pastry art eventually inspired her in creating her own line of customized cakes for people of the treasure valley right from her very own kitchen.